Aly Miles



Aly Miles was born in Lima, Peru the year digital watches first appeared. Really. She lords her 9-year age gap over her sister May, until she remembers how old that makes her. Half-Scottish, Half-Peruvian and All-Around Spoopy, Aly is fascinated with ghosties and ghoulies, and all things weird. Her love of the supernatural began with spooky stories told by old aunties, and an elementary school diet of books like “Ghosts Go Haunting” by Sorche Nic Leodhas (say that name three times, fast) and “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” by Alan Schwartz.  With a B.A. in English Literature, she writes Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance even wrote a paper on vampirism in college.  Really. She can often be found deep down in the mutli-media, paranormal research rabbit hole, coming up to feed and hug her family, her dogs, one cat and Venus Flytrap.

Please do not feed Aly creepypasta after midnight.



May Mackenzie


May Mackenzie was also born in Lima, Peru and no, she did not have any llamas in her backyard growing up.  She enjoys research, really getting into the nitty gritty, so it was only natural that she graduated with a B.A. in History. As a U.S. History buff, she dreams of visiting Gettysburg, and retracing the steps of the Civil War. She is also captivated by 20th century Latin American revolutions, revolts and dictatorships. Y’know, light reading. Fascinated with Tarot cards since childhood, and enjoying the chicken-skin shivers from scary tales, her perseverance leads her to investigate the history of supernatural cases for Weird Latinx Podcast until she finds an answer.

The Crew

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